Childish GambinoのアルバムがGroovy as f$%K!






“朝4:00にD’angeloに電話して「Childish Gambinoのアルバム聴いてくれ」つって叩き起した” そうですよ。


Dude I’m so fucked up right now. I can’t even form the proper hyperbolic sentence to explain to D’angleo why I woke him up at 4am to listen to this. I’m like—when is the last time someone sucker punched me on this level…..I mean I knew #AroundTheWorldInADay was coming & it was a left turn—I’m about to blow the wigs off music historians… but I thought I was getting some fresh millennial 2016 hip hop shit and I got sucker punched. The last sucker punch in black music I remember in which NOONE had a clue what was coming was Sly’s #TheresARiotGoinOn—read my IG about it (the flag)—I’m writing in real time cause —Jesus Christ the co-author of #WearwolfBarmitzvah just SONNED the shit outta me. In the best way possible. I was NOT expecting a trip to Detroit circa 1972 at United Sound Studios. I haven’t written or been stunned by an album I wasn’t expecting since that time I got an advance of #BackToBlack. The music is so lush man, I can see the kaleidoscope color mesh of the #Westbound logo. Dude I can’t curb my enthusiasm. All I know is if #P4k try to play him again with these ratings there WILL be a riot goin on.

Questlove Gomezさん(@questlove)が投稿した写真 –



PrinceのAround the World in a Day

Sly & The Family StoneのThere’s a Riot Goin’ On

Amy WinehouseのBack to Black



Childish Gambinoはコメディアン/俳優のDonald Gloverとしても活動してて、彼のスタンダップ・コメディーも最高です。



このアルバム・ジャケットも、多分FunkadelicのMaggot Brainのオマージュなんでしょうか。白目むいちゃってるけど笑

“Riot”⇒ Good to Your Earhole / Funkadelic
“Have some love” ⇒ Can You Get to That / Funkadelic
“Redbone” ⇒ I’d Rather Be With You / Bootsy Collins

といったようなオマージュも散りばめられてて、Funk Music Freakにはほんと楽しいんじゃないでしょうか。

ちなみにChildish Gambinoの前のアルバムはがっつりなラップアルバムだった(3005とかPink Toesとか超イイ)ので、こんなんがリリースされるとは誰も思ってなかったような気がします。

Bruno Marsしかり、Daft Punkしかり、Anderson .PaakとかTuxedoとか、最近Funkyな新譜たくさんあって楽しいですよね。

Childish GambinoのAwaken, my love、オススメです。